Vuier Video Website Builder

Build your brand and sell direct to your fans with your own video storefront featuring your VOD and Live Streams from Vuier. We've taken the guesswork out of building your own custom website with a beautiful responsive design that is both mobile friendly and optimized for you and your audience to navigate with ease.

It's 100% completely customizable, whether you are a single Model branding yourself, an Affiliate Marketer, or a Producer managing multiple Models, you can easily do it all yourself.

Interested? Just drop us an email and let us know you want one for yourself. Free for all active accounts using our VOD and/or Live Streaming services.

Here's how it works:

Start off with a blank slate

Send us your registered domain you want to use (ie., then adding content is as simple as copying and pasting.

Website builder start

How to add content to your site

To customize the look and feel of your Landing Page, click on 'Admin/Site Settings' in the top navigation bar.

Start by customizing your landing page. Simply upload your logo, your own background image, and customize your own text.

Landing page instructions

Start By Adding Yourself
and/or Other Models or Categories

Simply click on 'Add New Model/Category'

Models with a site featuring themselves can also add Categories or Genres. Affiliates and Producers managing Models can add new Models or's totally up to you!

Model profile page

Adding Video Content

From the newly created 'Model' or 'Category' page you just created, click button 'Upload New Video' and poplulate the form, being sure that you copy your embed tag from from your uploaded videos, OR if you are an Affiliate then make sure you are copying the embed tags from the Affiliate section on

Upload video form

Hosting a Live Cam Show

First, set up your room/cam show on and broadcast from

Copy the embed tag from your live show, then back on this site click on the button to ‘Create New Live Room’ or ‘Edit Live Room’ and then paste the embed tag in the form.

Your audience can then go directly to this site to pay and join you for your cam show. You only need to do this upon initial setup and not every time you cam.

Vuier live cam

Your Video Page

Your videos are beautifully displayed and easily discoverable for your fans to purchase directly within the video player.

With responsive design your videos are optimized for viewing on any device.

Web builder vod page