How it Works: Live Streaming

When your fans want to go private, your cam shows will have no freeloaders, spammers or trolls...they don't pay, they don't get's your own premium private show. You set the price/minute or by the Show, then invite 1 to 10 of your most loyal fans to simultaneously view your show. Just watch how fast your earnings multiply.

We're not here to compete with your other cam sites, in fact we love it if you cam elsewhere, we're here to give you the option of bringing your very best fans to pay you by the minute or by the Show, the choice is yours.

Following these simple steps will have you up and running in less than 2 minutes...maybe even 1:

Step 1:

To begin live streaming, simply click on 'Private Livestream show' on navigation bar then click on 'Set Up Live Stream'.

Vuierlivestep 1

Step 2:

After clicking on Update Settings all you have to do is name your show and then choose how you would like to charge your audience for your show.

Vuierlivestep 2a


Vuierlivestep 2b

Step 3:

Once your show is set up, start hosting and share the link to your show with your audience.

Embed your live stream. If you would like your audience to go directly to your website to view your live stream, simply copy & paste the embed tag to your site. Keep in mind that you will still need to broadcast from your page on Vuier.

Vuierlivestep 3

Add this Embed Tag to your site

Room embed

Step 4:

When your audience follows the link you shared or lands on your site with embedded player, they will enter their credit card info. Clicking on Join Show confirms purchase and then they join your show.

Vuierlivestep 4a


Vuierlivestep 4b

Step 5:

You will know that someone joined your show when you see their name in your chat box. You can have up to 10 people simultaneously join your show while you are Live.
When you are finished with your Live Stream broadcast click on the red button that says 'End Live Show' to end your show.

Vuierlivestep 5

When your show has ended and you clicked 'End Live Show' your audience will now see this page if they attempt to join your show.

Vuierlivestep 5b