How It Works: Video on Demand

From start to monetizing is usually 1 - 3 minutes.

  1. Click 'Sell. Video. Now.' button to start uploading your video content.
  2. Set the price per stream and fill out a few (optional) fields.
  3. After upload & encode, we provide you a link to your video, as well as an embed code to post your video on your own site(s) or blogs.
  4. Upload a trailer or preview of your video.
  5. Embed your player on your own site(s) and blog(s) and anywhere else you are able to.
  6. Promote and share your videos with your audience every way you possibly can.

That's it. It really is that fast and easy.

See a Live Completed Video Example

For better results we have a few recommendations for you:

  1. Upload quality videos.
  2. Embed your player in as many places as possible.
  3. Upload content that people will pay for. (Exclusive or advanced content plays well.)
  4. Share your links frequently, and build a following with your consumers.
  5. Use the custom cover option in the upload process.
  6. Ask your audience & fans to support your video.