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Head on over to your profile page and check the box to authorize Vuier approved Affiliate Marketers to access, promote and sell your Video on Demand video streams.

I Want Affiliates to Sell My Videos

For the Affiliate Marketer

We've Made Making Money From Video on Demand Simple

Did you know that you can make money selling our video creators VOD videos? Sign up for the Vuier Affiliate Program and you can:

How The Affiliate Program Works

First, you'll need to click the 'Get Started as an Affiliate' button and complete the one-page form with basic information.

Once you become an affiliate and agree to the affiliate agreement, we will automatically include your affiliate ID on each embed tag from our video creators who have authorized you to sell their videos.

To find authorized videos, click on the down carat on your email shown in the top navigation bar, then click on 'Affiliate Videos'. From there you can find authorized videos to embed and sell on your site, with your affiliate ID already included!

You'll copy that embed tag and paste on your website

From the listing of Affiliate videos, simply copy then paste the embed tag to your site

When video streams are purchased with your affiliate ID in the embed tag, we'll associate that purchase with your affiliate account and automatically show that purchase and your 15% commission on your account page.

Once your earnings have reached $150, the big red 'Redeem Earnings' button on your account page will automatically turn green. Then simply click that button, review your statement of earnings and confirm you wish to redeem your earnings. We'll send your earnings via your designated payout method.

Recurring Income

Every time someone visits your site and purchases a video stream with your affiliate ID, you'll earn 15% of the price of that video stream.


Visitors to your site see a video or videos they want to stream. They stream the video for $9.99 (purchase transaction takes place on your site, using our payment processor). You earn $1.50 each time that video stream is purchased!

The more traffic you drive to your site and the more those visitors purchase your embedded video streams, the more money you make.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us.

For the Video Creator

Simply Authorize Affiliate Marketers to Sell Your VOD Videos

On your profile page, all you have to do is click the checkbox authorizing Affiliate Marketers access to promote and sell your video streams on their sites.

Enter a Stage Name or Username that you would like to use so that Affiliate Marketers can find your videos.

Leverage the Power of Affiliate Marketers Traffic

Affiliate Marketers will already have their own traffic, so this is your opportunity to increase your sales and your brand.

The sale of your video streams are split with the Affiliate Marketer with a 15% commission to them.

We automatically credit the purchase of each video stream with the proper percentages going directly to your account and to the Affiliates account.

Review your video stream purchases on your account page in a separate table from your regular purchases.